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About us

Ravon Studio Design

It all starts with an idea that comes into being even for a few months. Ideas for Ravon products are born from observing the world, people and their needs. Today's world is very dynamic, we get a lot of stimuli and information from it, our needs change and our demands grow. When designing a functional object, we are aware of the changeability and we need to balance this world dynamics in order to create a product that is equally beautiful and useful.

Although we create modern products, our approach to creation draws on the knowledge and experience of many generations of artists and craftsmen. First, the idea is transferred to a sheet of paper. It is a collection of sketches which, after many attempts and deletions, give an outline of the final shape of the product.

Then the vision from the sheet of paper is transferred to the computer screen and the appropriate graphic program. Then, from the world of dreams and visions, we move to the world of mathematical calculations, where no functional object, even the most sophisticated or surrealistic, is devoid of any. After calculating various angles of inclination of the product's walls, water drop, any lengths and widths or thicknesses of walls, bottoms, etc. we can leave the "glass screen" and go with the graphic design to the modelling workshop.

Ravon Production

The finished product in the Ravon factory is the work of a team of people who, at every stage of production, take care of its solid execution. After the design stage there is a modeling stage, i.e. giving real shapes to a virtual object. Of course, not every day new models are created, but this creation of the object from the beginning, from scratch, the exit from the concept is the most difficult.

Once we have a ready-made model, pattern, specific matrix, it is much easier, but Ravon is not a mass production of ready-made elements. The built model is only a form that will give rise to new products.

Each of our bathtubs or washbasins is a work of human hands, there is no room for machine work. The materials used by Ravon require precise, hand-made workmanship, otherwise they wouldn't be as strong, yet subtle and sophisticated.

For the production of our products we always use the highest quality semi-finished products, which we entrust to the technologists of Ravon manufactures. These are craftsmen who are able to make the best products in composite technology developed by Ravon: Qualtec, Marmonit or PureStone.

Ravon Sales System

We create a sales system that gives our business partners the opportunity to sell high quality products. We guarantee our partners uniform principles of cooperation, we provide product training, we provide knowledge about the materials and technologies we use. Our partners can always count on our help and support during the whole purchasing process.

Thanks to these supporting activities, individual customers are sure that they have purchased a good product, because they have received reliable knowledge about it.

We cooperate with certified showrooms, where our products are located, as well as with trained consultants in partner showrooms and design offices. Thanks to the Ravon Partner program, you receive the highest quality of service.

Our cooperation also includes design studios, which at each stage of design can count on our substantive support. For design partners we also provide regular training, advice and assistance in explaining technical complexities.

Some of you have known us for a long time and we would like to thank you for your cooperation. Because you, as our employees, are part of the Ravon team. And thanks to the strength of cooperation, our dreams, visions and projects become reality. Together we can create more and more successes ahead of us.


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