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Bathroom with two sinks - a functional solution for two

Author: Ravon
Add: 01.02.2022 15:55:13

There comes a point where you start asking yourself questions, "Who am I?", "Where am I going?" "Is it worth the investment and having a bathroom with a double sink?" ...

Do you have a large bathroom? So you definitely thought to install two washbasins in it. Maybe it was when you wanted to wash your face in peace and take care of your evening care, and your beloved "other half" had an equally brilliant idea. And it began: "Pass the soap, move a little, don't splash on me where the cream is, etc.". Or maybe it was when you were in a hurry, and the "group" brushing of your teeth turned out to be a small battle, with the victim in the form of a paste-stained blouse.

Regardless of the story behind the idea, it has already sprouted. And there are dilemmas:

  • how much space do you need?
  • is it better a double washbasin or two single ones?
  • table top, recessed or freestanding?
  • will it really work?
  • what costs do you have to be prepared for?

The key question is probably: "Will it finally give me the comfort I want?". You have doubts. We know the answers.

Bathroom with a double sink = end of the "struggle" for access to the water tap?

In order to be able to talk about the convenience of washing in the washbasin, you should consider a space of about 70 cm. Of course, it is about 70 cm for one person. So much space will guarantee you comfortable hygiene.

To be able to talk about:

  • full comfort of movement,
  • the aesthetics of the created corner with sinks,
  • place on the countertop for two / two,

the distance between the sinks should be at least 30 cm (although it may be smaller).

A bathroom with two bowls (or when a double washbasin is used) is a perfect solution for couples, married couples, but also for families with a small child or for siblings (who, for example, have classes at school at a similar time). Two stands next to each other are exclusive and close. You can accompany the little ones while learning hygiene (showing how to perform activities). Thanks to the joint washing procedure (also for adults), you get not only calmer mornings, but also a few extra moments together (both in the bathroom and outside of it).

Are there any opponents of such a solution? Yes. These are people for whom the bathroom is an extremely intimate space. A place to "escape" and experience privacy. In that case, you need to discuss the idea carefully.

You should not forget that when you talk about two sinks, you also take into account other multiples:

  • two fittings,
  • two outflows,
  • two mirrors (or one large size),
  • (and preferably) two positions with hygiene utensils (so as not to disturb each other when picking up soap or paste) or two cabinets.

Modern washbasins - what variants and variations are waiting for you in Ravon

As always, we pamper you. You have several options:

  • two countertop washbasins,
  • two sinks embedded in the countertop,
  • two freestanding washbasins (floor washbasins).


You can order each of them personalized in terms of color, and even hand-painted graphics.


  • in the rich RAL palette, the original RAVON
  • from the best composites (Qualtec, Marmonit, PureStone, PuroMetal),
  • in mat or flash or with a metallized coating,
  • handmade in Poland.

The most common solution is identical washbasins, but more and more often there is the option of installing two bowls from the same line, but with different colors (and in our case even with graphics). It is only important then to maintain symmetry in the other elements (otherwise there will be chaos and the bathroom will be a bit 'overwhelmed').

Countertop washbasins for the bathroom, and Ravon's suggestions:

  • Ravon Euphoria - inspired by the calla flower,
  • Saxo Overtop - slightly resembling a bucket,
  • Ravon Genesis - cubist, oval
  • Tulipano - ultra feminine, tulip-shaped.

A bathroom washbasin embedded in the countertop, and our recommended products:

  • Lovely - a timeless classic,
  • Saxo Inset - deep and asymmetrical.

In conclusion - a bathroom with two sinks, advantages and disadvantages

Benefits. Two countertop washbasins, two built-in washbasins or two freestanding washbasins provide amazing decorative possibilities. We guarantee their design. You take care of creating space around them. Together, we will create a unique and exceptionally effective place (just look at the inspiration on the Internet). This option simply gives you a bit more room to show off, especially if you use bowls from us - from the Ravon manufacture.

In a word - wherever simplicity and symmetry are valued, but also for fans of eclecticism or Scandinavian interiors, the double joy of Ravon will be the best solution.

A bathroom with two sinks (especially a marriage one) is a chance to emphasize your individuality. Each party can plan its own space (with favorite products, cosmetics).

Another argument "for" is saving time and spending it together.

And the disadvantages? The first is about space. Two stations (even small ones) will occupy a larger area, and this (in a small bathroom) will reduce the comfort of use.

Another - two sinks are double the cost (bowls, siphon, connections and assembly), etc.

The last one - the cleaning area increases and privacy decreases (although, paradoxically, intimacy may tighten).

What is your opinion?


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