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Is a countertop washbasin a good idea?

Author: Ravon
Add: 06.06.2021 09:09:55

When arranging a bathroom, we often face the dilemma of which washbasin to choose: top-mounted or under-counter? It is certainly not an easy decision, especially if we want a long-term solution. In addition, the washbasin should be not only functional, but also should match the interior design. Is a countertop washbasin a good purchase and why is it worth considering when arranging a bathroom?

A countertop washbasin is nothing more than a washbasin that is mounted on the surface of the countertop. Their choice is varied and depends not only on our taste, but also on financial possibilities. So why is it worth considering buying a countertop washbasin?

Countertop washbasin - opinions and advantages?

The countertop washbasin is a modern solution that will work well in both small and large bathrooms - so the size of the room does not matter when choosing it, as for example when buying a free-standing bathtub. It is also a practical solution, which also gives many arrangement possibilities, as well as allows for creative space management. We gain additional space that we can use, for example, to place the necessary cosmetics. In the cupboard under the sink, we can put towels or a laundry basket.

The countertop washbasins we offer are available in many colors, so we can easily match them to the interior design. White bathroom fittings are increasingly forgotten. Countertop washbasins in shades of light green and yellow are becoming more popular, thanks to which the bathroom becomes visually more spacious and dirt is less visible.

It should also be remembered that the high edge of the countertop washbasin prevents water from splashing onto the cabinet. It also makes it easier to wash your face or shave.

Do countertop washbasins have any disadvantages?

Opinions are divided. In addition to being elegant and practical, countertop washbasins also have their drawbacks. When deciding to buy, we must take into account the need to purchase an appropriate cabinet that will hold it. Additionally, dirt can collect under the sink and can be difficult to remove. They are also a bit more expensive than the under-counter, which should not discourage us, however, if we want a modern interior design.

How to care for countertop washbasins?

Countertop washbasins do not require any special care. Regularity and the use of descaling agents are important. If we regularly take care of our washbasin, the stone will not stick to it, and the washbasin will shine beautifully all the time. However, the same applies to other elements of bathroom fittings.

The advantages of countertop washbasins are definitely more than the disadvantages, but it is up to us to decide whether it will be suitable for our bathroom. We cannot look at the opinions of others.


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