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Built-in bathtubs

Built-in bathtubs can be so beautiful

Bath. The first associations are comfort and convenience. Favorite destination after a hard day. When you feel cold, there is nothing more pleasant than warming up in it. When your muscles ache, you will forget about discomfort. Or when you just want to cut yourself off from your family, trouble - pour water with liquid and ... for a dozen or so minutes nothing else but you and your convenience counts. You can relax, unwind and return to your loved ones full of new strength to enjoy their company.

When choosing a bathtub for the bathroom, you usually follow several parameters. Its size, shape, color and quality are important to you. The fact that it will not be fully visible (and enclosed with tiles or wood) should not mean that you will omit any of the sub-points. Why should you give up high-class workmanship or color?

Built-in bathtubs - advantages and disadvantages

Typically, built-in bathtubs have a classic, simple shape. After all, you cover it with tiles anyway, so you don't feel the need to choose more original patterns. The fact that you decide (for various - often practical reasons) to cover the bathtub does not mean that you should give up on its visual aspect. And such a bathtub can be beautiful! It is enough to bet on an interesting shape and color. The enclosure of the bathtub gives you additional storage space. These can be both corners and shelves created in this way, as well as hiding places, e.g. for detergents, hidden under the tiles. What is the disadvantage of such a solution? When something breaks, you have to chuck all the tiles around it. It can be costly.

Bathtubs components. A personalized bathtub? Why not?!


You have the least influence on the dimensions of the bathtub, because you have to adjust it to the bathroom. It is the size of the (bathroom) that determines how big a bathtub you can afford. Our bathtubs are 160, 165, 170, 175 and 180 cm. Each of these dimensions will provide you with comfort and guarantee a great rest after a hard day. Just remember that it is always worth choosing a bathtub smaller than you yourself. So that the bath is not only pleasant, but also safe.


Bathtubs of any shape can be built in. Our offer includes: oval, square and rectangular. It's not everything! Double and single. Corner and similar to freestanding. Whirlpool and traditional. Exactly what you need.


Who said the bathtub has to be white? Do you dream about a turquoise bathtub? Cobaltowa? Salmonowa? You can have everything that the RAL color palette offers as the color of the interior of your bathtub. Do you already have your own shade idea?


There are no compromises here. The quality is the best, because we only make such bathtubs.

a) all our bathtubs are made by hand.
There is no question of mass production in series.
It is human hands with reverence and expertise that create your dream bathtubs - from the design to the last brush stroke (in the case of hand-painted bathtubs with graphics, patterns).
We are a manufacture and we are proud of it.

b) all built-in bathtubs are made of QualTec composite.
Used for the production of high-performance boats or luxury cars, it is the "building block" of your bathtubs.
Applied by hand in layers and hardened with resin, it gives you the luxury you've always dreamed of.

Bathtub hand painted by QualTec

Both the manual production method and the QualTec material guarantee you:

  • coherent and perfectly smooth surface,
  • flexibility and hardness at the same time,
  • scratch resistance,
  • pleasant and warm to the touch product,
  • a bathtub that (longer than acrylic) keeps the water warm,
  • no discoloration and yellowing,
  • easy to clean,
  • chemical and mechanical resistance,
  • lightness.

So if you are looking for products that are made in Poland from A to Z and are the work of human hands ...

If you care about premium quality, the materials used in the manufacture of the bathtub ...

If you dream of a one-of-a-kind and unique built-in bathtub ...

In addition, you would like to pay much less for all of this than you think such a luxury costs ...

There is no better offer than the Ravon manufacture. Our bathtubs meet all your conditions and much more.
They affect the senses and make you not indifferent to their charm and functionality.

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