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Countertop washbasins

Countertop bathroom sinks - allow yourself a bit of madness

Who said luxury doesn't go well with a bathroom? That since it has a hygienic and utility function, it is more important that it is easy to clean and can be "bland"?


You are crazy about furnishing the kitchen. Nothing will stop you from creating cozy, full of character (decorated as you like and with personal touches to reflect personality) rooms. You love relaxing in the bedroom. Why not take it to the bathroom? Make it a place full of comfort, crazy and very personalized? You ask how is it easiest to achieve? By opting for modern countertop washbasins from the Ravon manufacture.

Colorful countertop washbasins - let your imagination run wild not only in their shapes, but also in colors

The times of monotonous whites and grays are over. Of course, white is still beautiful and universal, but more and more often it is broken with a strong color.

The same applies to bathroom ceramics. All the shades of the rainbow have appeared on it, to the joy of many people. Thanks to the colors, even the banal washbasins have become something (let alone the designer works of applied art that we have the pleasure to create for you). Modern ceramics are now available in a full range of sizes and shapes, and additionally in the entire range of RAL and Ravon's proprietary colors. If you are not sure if it is not "too much", you can always choose a white bowl inside and a colorful one on the outside.

Color has always been of great importance to well-being. Enhance them with a countertop washbasin in your favorite shade. Thanks to this treatment, you will give the bathroom a distinctive atmosphere and an extraordinary look. It does not matter if you have arranged a Scandinavian, loft, boho, retro, classic or eclectic room - it will work perfectly in each one. It will add freshness, energy and charm to the bathroom.

If you want (countertop washbasins for the bathroom), you can combine them on the basis of a contrast or fit them and match them to the whole, by ordering exactly the color of the rest of the decor.

How to install a countertop washbasin?

You don't have to worry that this task will be too much for you. It's really nothing difficult (as long as you are diligent and focused).

First, think about what you want to put it on:

  • on a dedicated bathroom cabinet,
  • converted cupboard / chest of drawers (properly protected against moisture),
  • a specially prepared and firmly fixed table top (wooden, impregnated or, for example, laminated, stone (e.g. marble or granite), glass, composite, etc.).

The most important thing is to make sure that you can support the weight of the countertop washbasin filled with water.

In the case of the last solution, it is important that you leave a bit more space on it for cosmetics (here they must be on top, unlike in the case of cabinets).

In the countertop or cabinet you will have to cut holes for the drain and the tap (except for a tap mounted in the wall or in the edge of the washbasin). This is why you should make careful measurements first before proceeding with the installation. The whole thing must be properly silicone-coated (protects against moisture and stabilizes) and left to dry overnight (the silicone must "pull off").

The next point is the place - it must be close to the water supply (unless you choose the sink first and then prepare the connections).
An important aspect is the level at which you place it - the washbasin should be 85-90 cm above the floor so that it can be used comfortably.

Bowls, bowls and bowls

The round countertop washbasins are not the only option available from us. You can opt for an oval, asymmetrical, flower-inspired or canoe-inspired canoe.

We can personalize each of them. We will do it in gloss (Marmonite composite) or mat (PureStone). We will decorate with PuroMetal (which looks and behaves like natural metal (iron rusts, copper patinates, etc.). We paint it in any color from the RAL palette, and even decorate it with a hand-made drawing.

You already know if it will be: GENESIS, MODERN, EUPHORIA, TULIPANO, OVERTOP or SPACE? Do you have your vision of a dream washbasin?



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