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Sensual Wall freestanding bathtub
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Sensual Wall freestanding bathtub

There are things that are exceptionally beautiful, and at the same time "unbreakable". This is exactly what the unique Ravon Sensual Wall wall-mounted freestanding bathtub is like. Like each of our bathtubs, it fully corresponds to the philosophy of balance between perfect form and comfortable use.

As a Polish manufacturer of Ravon bathtubs, we focus on a new quality of bathroom ceramics - the best materials, the whole thing is 100% handmade, ergonomic shapes and elegant, timeless style and class. Our wall-mounted bathtubs have a special mission - to make each of you feel very special in them.

We are glad that the Sensual Wall model has gained your recognition, thanks to its design and high comfort of bathing in it. Sensual Wall is 100% handcrafted in our manufactory, which you can see and feel in every intricate detail.


Sensual Wall is a shot in 10 for small bathrooms. It has a compact length of 164 cm. Optimal for it to remain comfortable, but not to take up much space in a room where every centimeter counts.

The Ravon Sensual Wall bathtub has a wide rim that can serve as a convenient shelf for all necessary cosmetics. At the same time, the treatment of a truncated, but large rim (13.5 cm) allows the installation of any fittings. A slight inclination towards the inside means that the (possibly appearing) water flows into the bathtub (not outside it).

Ravon Sensual Wall bathtub - information

The material from which the bathtub is made is traditionally our proprietary QualTec composite. The plastic is applied to the mold several times and reinforced with a special hardening agent. Noble polyester resins, reinforced with a suitable coating, guarantee unusual and exceptionally functional features.

QualTec is:

  • extremely durable,
  • safe for the skin,
  • resistant to scratching, mechanical impact,
  • reflects UV rays, so it does not yellow and does not fade,
  • it is perfectly smooth and therefore extremely hygienic.

What's more interesting - unlike acrylic bathtubs, bathtubs made of QualTec are warmer and more pleasant to touch, and also maintain the water temperature by over 32% better. Thanks to this, your bath can be much longer.

Sensual Wall bathtub with personalization on request

You can buy the basic, white version, but also customize the Sensual Wall model.

The optional equipment includes:

  • a click-clack plug with a siphon (with a cleaning system from the top),
  • water filling system through the overflow,
  • Ravon Air - innovative air massage combined with extremely effective color therapy. A luxurious Spa in your own home? It is possible!

This, of course, is not all. We can for you:

  • make a cork in the color of the bathtub,
  • paint the free-standing relaxation bathtub in any color from the original Ravon or RAL palette,
  • decorate it with metallic PuroMetal in the following colors: gold, silver, platinum, copper, brass, etc.,
  • make any drawing, graphics, print, motto by hand!

All our wall-mounted bathtubs are made entirely by hand, thanks to wonderful craftsmen (and enthusiasts at the same time). This makes them unique and unique. Thanks to the "hand made" method, we can control every stage of production and change the colors or other features of the bathtubs at any time.

Our idea was, is and will be to create bathroom ceramics using the best materials on the market. Comfortable and beautiful, and at an affordable price. We popularize luxury, quality and modern design for you and thanks to you.


  • Dimensions: 164x79x56 cm
  • Material: Kompozyt QualTec
  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 220 litrów
  • Weight: 53kg
  • Weight with packaging: 68k



  • excess water overflow,
  • click-clack plug
  • siphon


  • a click-clack plug with a siphon, with a cleaning system from the top, without the need to disassemble the bathtub,
  • a click-clack plug in the color of the bathtub,
  • water filling system through the overflow,
  • Ravon Air system - air massage with color therapy.



Capacity: 220 l

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