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Personalized washbasins

When saying "home", usually the first thing a large group of people think about is the kitchen. And if you thought about it - in which room (apart from sleeping) do you spend the most time? Wouldn't it be a bathroom?

Morning toilet with teeth brushing. Afternoon washing. Hand hygiene during the day. A relaxing bath or shower in the evening. Not to mention "escaping" from the rest of the household and the world and visiting the place "where the king goes on foot."

That is why it is so important that it is not only well and functional, but also beautiful. This will allow you to spend as much time as you need in it as comfortably and pleasantly as possible.

Personalized bathroom sinks with GRAPHICS. New design icon? Why not?!!

What do you most often use if not a washbasin? Speaking of which, we recommend a freestanding washbasin. Not only unusual because of its shape, but also the only one in the world - with individually designed painting.


It is not a sink that you might see on someone else's. She is "one in a million." This is the only and unique pattern - just like you.

Therefore, play a designer. On our website, he will find a model that will steal your heart. Choose its color, and then do something you've always dreamed of - transfer the pattern to it. Let it be Picasso's favorite painting, your cat's likeness, a child's drawing, Snoopy on a skateboard. You are not limited by anything that is not your imagination. Ready? So give us some time and we will make such a sink. We will paint by hand what is important to you.


You probably all know built-in and over-counter sinks. And how many of you have heard of a freestanding washbasin? This type is a solid (without division into a cupboard and a bowl), placed directly on the floor.

Exclusive hotels, lofts and apartments. It is here that you can most often meet them. Where, in addition to convenience, it is important to make an effect. Showing taste and good taste and emphasizing the uniqueness of design.

Meanwhile, despite their extravagant appearance, they do not shock with the price. They are beautiful, stylish and aesthetic (with all the elements hidden in the monolith), but not expensive.

It is precisely this type, which is a free-standing washbasin, that is most on the way with individual personalization. There is enough space on the plinth for you to fill it with whatever you freeze. And cause amazement and delight in many faces.


A freestanding washbasin on the floor, perfect for spacious interiors. Where it does not disappear among other equipment, and like a sculpture, it will be the focal point of the bathroom. Especially if you put a good spotlight above it, and on it your desired graphics or inscription.

If you combine it with a bathtub from the same series, you don't need to add anything else. Such a duo is a guarantee of avant-garde, class and luxury.

All washbasins are made of proprietary composites: Marmonite, PureStone, Qualtec.

Thanks to the materials used (flexible and durable at the same time), the washbasins are warm and pleasant to the touch. They have extremely smooth surfaces and keep you warm for longer. They are not afraid of chemicals or yellowing.

We create them for you from beginning to end. Handcrafted in our manufacture. In mat or gloss. In any color from the RAL palette. With your graphics made with our hands.


The most common choice are cuboid-shaped washbasins like RAVON GLADIO. It is a combination of simplicity and utility. With a practical shelf for soap and cream.

Another type are the sinks that narrow downwards, like RAVON SAXO. Thanks to this treatment, they obtain a slim, subtle silhouette that does not overwhelm the bathroom in any way (or on the contrary - it gives the impression of lightness).

The most delicate and elegant model is RAVON EUPHORIA - a washbasin inspired by a calla flower. Noble, refined, beautiful.

All these models are of value in themselves. Improved with your graphics, they become a utility object, a work of art. A work you can afford.

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