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A functional, diverse and beautiful world of Polish bathroom ceramics

Interior design is pure pleasure. At a time when there is such a large selection of aesthetic equipment, it is difficult to decide on a specific bathtub or washbasin. You know - they define and give the style of the arrangement. The era when they served solely for practical purposes is long gone. Now functionality is what counts, but above all design and uniqueness. As Ravon, we offer you not only custom-made washbasins, but also free-standing relaxation bathtubs that are matched to them. We advise you on how to choose ceramics tailored to your needs, expectations and dreams.


Our offer is supplemented from time to time with new models and technological solutions. We listen to your suggestions, but we also keep our finger on the pulse of changing trends. Increasingly, as conscious consumers, you have a positive influence on our designs, wanting more and more original designs.

Intriguing design and functionality are two of the three factors that influence the class of Ravon products. Another is hand made quality. The work of the hands always brings the most accurate and perfectly refined works and gives the opportunity to make unique changes. Custom made - from design, through composites, to hand-painted patterns. From A to Z to meet your expectations.

Ravon bathroom fittings - the choice we give you is unlimited

We have over a dozen models. But that's just the basis. Each of them can be freely modified for you to be one of a kind. You get a choice of colors from the RAL palette and the original Ravon. You can mix them however you like.

Additionally, we can:

  • replace the composite from which the products will be made,
  • match the color of the "click-clack" cork,
  • cover them with a metallic coating (copper, tin, brass, etc.),
  • and what's more - each of the washbasins and bathtubs should be hand painted in the pattern of your choice.

Our ceramics are highly resistant to high temperatures and chemical agents. It is very pleasant to the touch, stays warm longer, does not fade and does not discolor.

What do we offer when it comes to washbasins from the Ravon Manufacture?

This type of ceramics differs from each other in several properties:

  • size,
  • material and finish,
  • colors (freely chosen by you),
  • style,
  • mounting method.

The type of fixing of the washbasins causes that they can be divided into:

  • freestanding washbasins,
  • designer sinks embedded in the countertop,
  • personalized countertop washbasins.

Regardless of the type, all our products are practical, modern, designer, easy to clean and very durable.

The most beautiful Polish bathtubs on the market

In the case of bathtubs, the division also includes on how to install them. We have:

  • elegant freestanding bathtubs,
  • classic built-in bathtubs,
  • but also a bathtub with a hydromassage system (Ravon Air system, i.e. massage with color therapy).

The personalization of the bathtubs means that each of them can become the only such (in the world) work of art.

Ceramics included

We make your task easier by offering sets - a washbasin and a bathtub from the same series. They are kept in the same style, made of the same material and of the same (or completely contrasting) color. Additionally, we can place the same hand-painted patterns on them.

Our washbasins are available in various sizes and shapes, but they are always stylish and aesthetic.



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Garden tubs

Garden tubs


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