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RAVON ART- washbasins and bathtubs with graphics

If you thought that you have already seen everything and nothing can surprise you then ... we apologize. Sorry to say how wrong you are.

You like to feel special, don't you? Know that there is something that distinguishes you. It gives you an aura of mystery and draws gazes full of admiration.

If it's so nice (to be unique), why not transfer it to other areas and zones of life? Why should you limit yourself? Why, if the only thing that can block you is your imagination? If you are still creative for this, let's make a deal. But from the beginning ...

Bathroom. They say the heart of the house is in the kitchen. But we know how often the bathroom is your refuge. Asylum before everyday life. An intimate place where you go when you need to collect your thoughts, plan something, react or simply - in peace and quiet, sit with a book or telephone.

What is the main assumption when designing your dream bathing space? Of course, it has to be functional. Such a small command center: washing, bathing, "need", makeup ... A place to take care of the body and, of course, the spirit, when you can cut yourself off from everything and everyone for a moment. This is why the usability function is not enough. Aesthetics also counts.

In an ugly place, the head will not rest. A tile with an alive print taken from the 90s, a wall with a fluid stain, a bathtub and a washbasin in a different color or a motley rug from a friend (good intentions, but not taste) will not help you relax. That is why it is worth making sure that the bathroom is not only a comfortable place, but also a nice place. And to your taste.

Unique sinks and bathtubs with graphics

You know - the bathtub is a large size. If only for this reason, it will always attract attention. But what about the sink? After all, it is the one you use the most. It is her that you are looking for after using the toilet to refresh yourself ... She is the focal point of the bathroom (even if it is in the corner). It depends on how the whole decor will be received. It is known - you can say that it is ok. You can say that it is beautiful. But how often can it become a topic of conversation with the WOW effect?

The RAVON Manufacture will guarantee the last two impressions. They are not interested in Ok. They are even bored with delight. Why? Because they have (attention!) Handmade tubs and sinks for sale. In a whole range of shapes and colors. And more importantly - they have something that makes them unique in the double sanitary fittings market. They are open to you and treat you individually. No, this is not that well-worn slogan about the approach to the client. Individually means - you want to have your design, a child's drawing, a picture reproduction, an image of a dog, a superheroine logo on the washbasin, and they will manually paint the washbasin for you.

Washbasins with graphics

Top and free-standing washbasins are best suited for this purpose.

What washbasins do we recommend from their catalog to play with colors and prints?

  • RAVON TULIPANO - oval, slightly asymmetrical bowl. Delicate and subtle form with soft, rounded edges. Classic, but not without a bit of humorous chic.
  • RAVON OVERTOP - a distinctive "bucket". It is impossible to miss it on the counter. Narrow, deep. Perfect for creating a work of art out of it.
  • RAVON EUPHORIA - with a shape inspired by the calla lilies. Noble but avant-garde form.
  • RAVON GLADIO - the strength lies in the simplicity of this washbasin. Rectangular, raw shape. Timeless.

And there are many more washbasins in Ravon's offer. All hand-made, they are works of consumable art in the premium class. There is no chance that while browsing the assortment you will not find something for yourself. Once you find it, think about how you would like your perfect washbasin to look like. What color, print, print would you put on it. Together with them, create a washbasin that will meet even the wildest requirements. Black with speckled copper dots? White with a painting of you (through the eyes of a three-year-old child)? Remember - only your imagination limits you.

Attention - these sinks make you jealous!

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