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Freestanding washbasins - design enters a new level

The vast majority of you have a wash basin at home. The convenience of this bathroom ceramics can be overestimated. Now, in addition to functionality, you can have much more. A seemingly banal object, thanks to Ravon it will become a work of applied art.

Built-in sinks are classics, but you have probably already got used to it. The arrangements in which you can meet them (in the photos on the Internet) are breathtaking. This is a proposal for slightly bolder creators of cozy four corners (than those who choose a recessed table top).


Freestanding washbasins are a bit crawling with their older "sisters". Set on monuments constituting an "extension" of the bowl, so far seen mainly in American film productions or in expensive hotels. Thanks to Ravon, you can have them at home. It's not everything. With us, you will not only buy a modern and exceptionally beautiful standing washbasin, but you will also be able to personalize it. A work of art in the bathroom? Why not?

Personalized standing washbasin. We invite you to the world of imagination and creation

As we mentioned before, the free-standing washbasin is one, coherent piece, placed directly on the floor (without being divided into a countertop and a cabinet). In combination with a free-standing bathtub from the same series, it will look stunning.

This type of washbasin is always impressive. Firstly, it results from their nature, and secondly, from their uniqueness and only growing popularity. These are the reasons why they are associated with prestige, luxury and class. No wonder.

They have other advantages as well. All components (such as siphon, pipes, elbows, etc.) are hidden inside. Extremely aesthetic, they have a large surface where you can go crazy and let your imagination run wild.

"Freestanding bathroom sink with print" - such a phrase does not arouse too much admiration, and rightly so. But we are not talking about an ordinary washbasin (in the case of Ravon), but an object made of a perfect composite.

You can choose from three materials:

  • PureStone giving a beautiful mat,
  • Marmonite shimmering like marble,
  • PuroMetal - metallizing in the following colors: zinc, copper, gold and brass.

And as for the personalization of the washbasins - you will not receive a print, but a hand-painted pattern! We will make it directly on the "ceramics", which you can have in any color you choose (from the Ravon or RAL palette).

Freestanding personalized washbasins. What choice do we give you?

We offer three basic variants that you can freely modify when it comes to color, finish, gloss (or lack thereof), as well as hand-painted graphics.

We have a simple, slightly austere and ascetic rectangular standing washbasin - RAVON GLADIO. You can install a battery on its rim and put cosmetics on it. It is a combination of minimalism and functionality. And what are the possibilities when it comes to painting patterns on it!

The next ones are round washbasins, tapering towards the floor. The slightly tilted bowl adds an avant-garde style to this exceptionally slender "ceramics". Perfect for a small bathroom. I am talking about RAVON LOVELY.

The last proposal is RAVON EUPHORIA with a shape similar to a calla goblet. Custom, asymmetrical, beautiful. It is like a flower that will decorate any bathroom. Thanks to it, you will give expression to the most boring interior.

Floor-standing washbasins with graphics

Freestanding washbasins give you double joy. First of all, they don't have to be mounted close to the wall, so you can go crazy with the arrangement. Secondly, who of you has not dreamed (since you know it is possible) to place your favorite drawing, image, graphic, logo, etc. on such a beautiful monument?

A glamor-style bathroom with a logo, for example Chanel, or a modern bathroom with wooden elements and, for example, Lowicz flowers on the washbasin? It is only up to you what color you will make it, how to finish it and what you put on it. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?



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