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Whirlpool bathtubs

Is every bathtub relaxing? Home SPA

The longed-for evening is coming. You no longer have any obligations, tasks for today. What you dream about and what you fully deserve is a relaxing bath in the bathtub. Nothing but foam, warm water and ... And you feel that you could use a massage. To relax the neck muscles. For even more complete relaxation. Instead of planning to sign up for a SPA office next week, you can arrange it in your own home. You do not need a special room and dozens of accessories for this. All you need is a bathroom and a hydromassage bathtub.


When choosing a bathtub for the bathroom, you usually follow several parameters. Its size, shape, color and quality are important to you. The fact that it will not be fully visible (and enclosed with tiles or wood) should not mean that you will omit any of the sub-points. Why should you give up high-class workmanship or color?

Whirlpool bathtub - ABC

The relaxation bathtub resembles an ordinary bathtub, only with a system of nozzles. What is the main advantage of the Polish hot tub? Such that it allows you to experience beneficial and health-promoting water massages on a daily basis. You don't have to leave the house anymore. It is enough to open the bathroom door to find yourself in the land of bliss and unimaginable relief.

Hydromassage is based on a properly set pressure of water flowing out of the nozzles. Movable or stationary water jets are located on all side (including front and rear) walls of the bathtub. Hydromassage is controlled by a panel located on the edge of the bathtub or by a remote control. You decide how the water will massage you.

What's your choice ?:

  • exceptionally relaxing pearl massage (air),
  • intense water jets,
  • a mix of both.

When you think that's all, there are other attractions (of course, you can choose additionally). They have health-promoting or strictly technical properties.

What can bathtubs be enriched with?

  • ultrasounds ,
  • chromotherapy (color treatment),
  • programmers (setting water temperature, duration),
  • headrest,
  • sensors (so that the bathtub does not run "dry", which may damage it), air heaters,
  • disinfection (ozone or UV) and drying system.

Polish hot tub - the opinions speak for themselves

Remember that Polish hot tubs will not replace a physiotherapist or a doctor. It can bring you relief, pleasure, but if you have health problems, you will need a medic.

The water massage itself relaxes tense muscles, improves blood circulation, relaxes and has a warming effect. Hydromassage is a blessing for rheumatological problems, spine diseases, increased tension, etc. It does not leave any part of the body without help. It affects the joints and muscles. Improves the operation of systems:

  • immune,
  • blood,
  • digestive.

Improves skin firmness and elasticity (cold water). It relieves pain, stimulates endorphins. Regular baths accelerate fat burning, reduce cellulite and restore muscle elasticity. Properly used bathtub brings only health and psychological benefits. That is why it is worth listening to others and getting to know the beneficial effects of hydromassage on your body and spirit.

Relaxation bathtub

As in the case of other bathtubs from our collections, we also make them by hand in our manufacture. We know that the most beautiful and durable things are the work of human hands. Only your hands can take care of every millimeter of your future bathtub so carefully, so that it can enjoy you for years.

For the production of bathtubs, we use the highest-quality QualTec composite, known and used in the production of yachts, airplanes and luxury cars. Glossy or matte. White, black or in the RAL palette. Our bathtub is simply unmatched on the market. We are enthusiasts who want luxury to become more affordable. So that you can see for yourself how premium brands change lives for the better. To end the compromise of quality vs price once and for all. There are no such dilemmas with us. Ravon is the highest class of sanitary fittings at affordable prices. The fact that the bathtubs have a utility function does not mean that they cannot be simply beautiful and on a global level. Is it not?

Sensual Wall freestanding bathtub

freestanding bathtub 164cm
Material: QualTec



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