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Bathroom - magic happens here

It will be difficult to enumerate all the functions that this room performs, but we will try:

  • reading corner,
  • educational room (you already know by heart the composition of all liquids, shampoos, creams - amazing what's in them, right?)
  • laundry,
  • an oasis of peace and privacy,
  • a place where the best ideas come to mind,
  • spa area,
  • dining room (who has never eaten in the bathtub during a lazy bath, this gapa),
  • (obvious) the point at which the dirt and dust of the day are washed away (literally and carried away).

We bet you would name some other uses. The bathroom is much more than a place where you wash. Here you run away from household members and problems. This is where you go to rest, collect your thoughts, plan a new day.

That is why the bathroom must be functional, but also aesthetic. Since it is used for relaxation, it is worth making sure that you can do it in comfortable conditions (with a washbasin with discoloration and stains it will be difficult, and unfortunately cheap acrylic ones deteriorate quickly).


The washbasin has many names (but certainly not a bathroom sink)

The thing about the washbasin is that it attracts attention. The "perception" of the entire bathroom usually depends on it and the tiles on the wall. Whether your guests will come here just to wash their hands quickly, or will they be happy to "get lost" for a while longer. This is the reason why you should consider whether to "risk" buying a sink from us (unless from now on the best parties not in the kitchen, but in the bathroom will happen).

At RAVON, we give you a choice. We have over a dozen wonderful products (with endless possibilities of personalizing the washbasins), in all shapes and colors. What do we suggest ?:

  • countertop washbasins - they fit easily into any type of interior (from classic to eclectic). You can say - chameleons among bathroom ceramics. Are you looking for simplicity? We recommend SPACE, GENESIS, MODERN. On the way with originality? You will fall in love with OVERTOP, TULIPANO. Do you want to impress? EUPHORIA modeled on the calla flower is for you,
  • freestanding washbasins - their bowl and shape form a coherent monolith, placed directly on the floor. All pipes, elbows and siphons are hidden in the form (leg), which makes them exceptionally aesthetic. In all available variants (EUPHORIA, GLADIO, LOVELY), they will give the interior class, refinement and a breath of luxury. At the same time, they are extravagant "wink", so that it is not too serious (especially if you change your free-standing washbasins for standing washbasins with graphics),
  • sinks embedded in the countertop - an eternally popular classic, for those of you who prefer to go crazy in a different way. They take up little space (so you have more of it on the counter, e.g. for cosmetics) and are extremely easy to clean. Classic LOVELY or asymmetrical INSET will steal your hearts.

Personalized washbasins - exactly what you want

All our sinks are luxury products, but that's not all. We make all of them by hand in our Polish manufacture, but that's still not all. Each of them is made of an excellent quality composite (Marmonite - gloss, PureStone - matte), but this is still not our last word. You can decorate each of them with PuroMetal - a metallizing coating that behaves and ages (if you do not want to protect it) like metal (gold, copper, brass, tin).

In order not to prolong - each of the sinks can be made for you in any color from the Ravon or RAL palette and ... hand painted in any graphics, picture, pattern, print !!!

GENESIS Countertop washbasin
MODERN countertop washbasin

countertop washbasin

EUPHORIA Countertop washbasin
The countertop washbasin SAXO OVERTOP

countertop washbasin

SPACE countertop washbasin

countertop washbasin

A countertop washbasin TULIPANO
Free-standing washbasin EUPHORIA

freestanding washbasin

The free-standing washbasin GLADIO
Freestanding washbasin SAXO
LOVELY Built-in washbasin
SAXO INSET Built-in washbasin


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