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Freestanding washbasin Euphoria

Author: Ravon
Add: 10.07.2020 10:00:24

Beautiful, more beautiful and ... freestanding washbasin Euphoria Ravon.
Washbasin for an exclusive bathroom

Admit it ... How many times, when browsing interior design magazines, watching travel programs, luxury hotel brochures, etc., have you enviously thought that you want that too? That "OH, ACH and WOW!"? And that "this bathroom must have cost a fortune"? Did you know she didn't have to?

We can bet that you have come across photos / shots of our products somewhere. Manufaktura Ravon has it that we are often placed in various scenography, but also ordered to 5 * hotels and designer restaurants. Why? Because we combine in an exquisite and balanced way, several components:

  • quality and durability,
  • functionality,
  • modern, unusual design.

Just as there is a "Bauhaus school", someday you may hear about the "Ravon School".

Designer washbasins

Bathroom. An oasis, a shelter, a cherry on the cake of the day. Here you get ready, wash, relax, think, plan, run away from others in a moment of comfortable silence and solitude. You dream about it (more precisely about a bathtub and a bed) when the day is tiring and gives you a hard time.

Of course, it has to be functional. After all, it is meant to accommodate some useful functions. But why would you forget about its aesthetic side? The fact that it mainly serves you for something does not mean that it cannot do it in a beautiful and presentable way. It is better to rest in a nice environment. After all, the bathroom is mainly used (apart from the strictly hygienic side) for this.

The washbasin is perhaps the most frequently used piece of equipment. The times when it was hidden in the table top slowly pass. Now you want to show off not only tiles or mirrors, but often just them. A washbasin with a "WOW" effect. Therefore, you choose the option of over-counter washbasins. But you can always go one step further and opt for a freestanding washbasin.

If you want to have a sink "like from a movie" then you are in the best place to make this dream come true. We have a dozen or so exclusive and designer washbasins for you, which will not only delight you, but also your guests. A sink of dreams? It's here.

A washbasin premium and maximum (maximum of utility art closed in an aesthetic design)
Let us return to free-standing washbasins. As their name suggests, they stand directly on the floor. They form something like a block where the top / plinth is one with the bowl. Due to the fact that all pipes and elbows are hidden inside the housing, they look aesthetic and exclusive. This type of washbasin will give any interior style, class and ... extravagance. It will beautifully decorate a spacious bathing room, but it will also be an ideal choice in small bathrooms (it does not need
countertops, bathroom furniture).

We come to the point ...

Euphoria - "a state of contentment, elation and joyful excitement" (after the Dictionary of the Polish Language). Something tells us that our Euphoria Ravon can have such an effect for you.

Its unusual shape is inspired by the calla flowers. How calla can also have any color (you are only limited by the RAL and NSC palettes). Thanks to this treatment and a slight asymmetry, Euphoria has a noble, avant-garde, but at the same time subtle and light appearance. Retro style bathroom? Modern? Classic? Minimalist? Eclectic? In each of them (and in others) it will be a bull's eye! Because gems are sometimes worn on the head and sometimes in the bathroom.

Freestanding washbasin Euphoria Limited, black and white high gloss with gold stripes

A freestanding washbasin on request - we encourage you to experiment with Euphoria

This washbasin is very flexible and susceptible to your modifications. The dimensions of 58.6x37x90 cm allow you to place your favorite pattern, graphics, drawing on it, which (NOTE!) Will be painted for you by hand. Character from a fairy tale? Flowers? Chessboard? Color spots? Ombre? Tell us what you want and we will do everything we can to make your dreams come true.

Do you want a more subdued washbasin? Choose one (or two) of the colors from the Ravon, RAL or NSC palette.

Gloss? We will make it for you in marble (original composite imitating marble). Mat? PureStone will be perfect for the product. Or maybe metallized in PuroMetal? With copper, zinc, brass and gold stains? Whatever you decide, our manufactory will do it for you on a special request. Manually from A to Z.
Perfect as you like.

All our washbasins are luxury products, made by hand in a small manufactory of enthusiasts and professionals in their craft. They are made only of the best, refined down to the smallest detail composites. All this so that you can enjoy the washbasins resistant to mechanical damage, chemicals, yellowing and fading for years. Durable, ultra-smooth and pleasant to the touch washbasins. We are sure that from our offer, each of you will find your "gem" that will meet even the most demanding expectations and desires. Who knows, maybe complete with a bathtub?


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