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Personalized bathtubs

Bath. The property of envy of the owners of tiny bathrooms. Few things are as enjoyable as plunging into it up to the neck. Hugging your body, tired after a whole day, with hot water and foam, it smells exactly the way you like it. Music drips in the background. And you are therapeutically washing away what is bad. You get back on your feet. These are your moments. Your time. The stress passes. Full of new, fresh energy, you can again set off to conquer the world. Ba! - outer space.

It is in the bathtub that the best ideas and plans are born, when you are relaxed and happy and you can forget yourself while doing nothing. Just lie there and enjoy the same fact. And doesn't such a celebration deserve a unique setting?


Bath. A gem of a bathroom. Its largest and central point. This is what you dream about when you come home after a hard day. That is why it is worth investing in and buying one that will not only soothe the body, but also saturate the spirit with its beauty. From which it's hard to take your eyes off. It is much easier and more pleasant to achieve harmony and peace in an interior that delights and soothes. Which from A-Z is yours.

Probably most of you like to feel special. The older you are, the more mediocrity irritates you. The worse you react to makeshift solutions. Compromises that get farther than closer to satisfying decisions.

How many times have you been to houses that look like their own carbon paper? Monotonous, identical interiors. Void of expression and saying nothing about the owners. You don't want to. You are creative, colorful, somehow. So make your insides be like that.


Trust in the quality of handicrafts. Forget mass production. It is human hands that create the most wonderful things. Precise and refined down to the smallest details. Because made with passion, joy and reverence.

Start with an idea. Create the perfect space in your head. Then put your dream bathtub in it.

Choose its shape, size, type. Choose a color. Once you have it, think about how you would like to decorate it. What to convey with it. Maybe you could give a drawing of your beloved flower which is e.g. a peony. Or maybe you want an image of a child. Character from a fairy tale. A graphic pattern that you have been in your head for a long time. Image reproduction. Team name. Motto. Do you already have a vision?

This is still not all. You have an idea. Now focus on the material. Not the first one, but the best possible. We make plastic bathtubs that we invented ourselves. Plastic and yet durable. Materials that keep you warm longer than those from popular stores and are already nicer to touch by themselves. Resistant to abrasion, mechanical damage and chemicals. Our bathtubs do not fade. They do not crumble. They are not afraid of being mistreated. Even years later, they will still look like new. You may get bored of the graphics, but it certainly won't destroy you.


A personalized bathtub with graphics will make your bathroom interior as unique and unique as you are. No one who enters it will not leave without delight. Whatever you choose. Will the bathtub be free-standing or back-to-wall? Big or small. Light or dark. It will be one of a kind.

A free-standing bathtub with graphics (which we will paint for you by hand) will make the greatest impression when standing in a spacious bathing room. But even in a small space, it will steal every glance.

Do not forget that the painting will visually enlarge or vice versa - it will give the impression that the interior is smaller. A large pattern will dominate everything else. With it, it is worth maintaining a uniform color of walls or tiles, accessories. Unless you love eclecticism and bohemianism.

Hang enormous mirrors and you will increase the effect and optically add space to the room.


Our offer includes bathtubs of various sizes: 160 cm, 165 cm, 170 cm and 175 cm. The choice depends on the space you have and your dimensions. The most optimal size for one person is 160 cm. Remember that for safety reasons, the bathtub should be shorter than you.

When it comes to shape, oval models with a delicate outline are the most popular. Their simplicity fits perfectly in minimalist interiors. Thanks to the graphics, they acquire a unique character. And you get the most beautiful place to make more wise and creative plans and dreams.

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